Expert Librarians

Özavinç, Ferman Faculty Librarian
Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education, Education , Education Sciences and Teacher Education, English Language Preparatory Program , M.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Philology & Linguistics
+90 (312) 290 1996
Akıllılar, İrem Sıla Faculty Librarian
Academic English Program, Hospitality industry, Information Systems and Technologies, Modern English, Tourism and Hotel Management
+90 (312) 290 1535
Aykıroğlu, Halil İbrahim Faculty Librarian
Computer Engineering, Computer Networks, Computers Programming, Database Management, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Engineering. Applied Mechanics
+90 (312) 290 2704
Beldan, Şafak Faculty Librarian
American Culture and Literature, Archaeology, English Language and Literature, Ottoman Turkish, Philosophy, Translation and Interpretation, Turkish Literature
+90 (312) 290 1298-1534
Cebeci, Berk Faculty Librarian
Algebra, Atomic Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Organic Chemistry, Physical Properties, Physics
+90 (312) 290 1298
Gürel, Abdulkadir Faculty Librarian
Art of Acting, Business Management, Crisis Management and Emergency Management , Dancing, Decision Making, History of Theater, Instruction and Study, Literature on Music , Management, Music, Organizational Behavior, Change and Effectiveness, Performing Arts, Production and Operations Management
+90 (312) 290 2669
Okan, Naile Faculty Librarian
Economic History and Conditions, Economics, European History, History, History of Turkey, History of USA, International Relations, Local Government and Municipal Government, Methodology and Mathematical Economics, Middle East Including Turkey, Ottoman History, Political Science, Psychology, Religions
+90 (312) 290 1677
Sezen, Ayça Nur Faculty Librarian
European Union Law, Law , Law of Nations, Law of Turkey
+90 (312) 290 3242
Uğurlu, Ezgi Faculty Librarian
Architectural Drawing and Design, Architecture, Art History and Fine Arts, Building Construction, Cinematography and Motion Pictures , Communication and Design, Drawing, Design, Illustration, Environmental Management, Film Studies in American Culture, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Interior Decoration, Plays, Scenarios, etc., Special Classes of Buildings, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Urban Groups, the City and Urban Sociology , Visual Arts
+90 (312) 290 2167

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