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Happy 60th Library Week!

As İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University Library, we enthusiastically celebrate the 60th Library Week, on the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye. Our library has planned a series of events with the participation of internal and external stakeholders for Library Week, which will be celebrated under the theme of ‘Sustainability and Advocacy” between March 25th and 31st, 2024. Detailed information about the upcoming events is provided below.

Bilkent University Library is very pleased to invite everyone to attend the 60th Library Week activities.

Library Surprise Event: Surprise User Event

Date & Time: 25.03.2024, Monday

Place: Main Campus Library, Circulation Desk

Activity: Reader’s Theater

Date & Time: 27.03.2024, Wednesday – 12.30 – 1:30 pm

Place: Library Art Gallery

About the Activity
In this activity, you will have the opportunity to perform selected scenes from distinguished theatrical works or a special section from your favorite book. While reading the text, you will step into the world of characters and feel the enchanting atmosphere of the scenes.

By participating in our event, you will embark on a journey into the unique world of literature and explore the theater experience through reading. 

Don’t forget to bring your text or book!

Webinar: “Is It Enough to Think Big to Be Great?”

Speakers: Dr. Ebru Kaya, Library Director of Bilkent University
Dr. Adam Sofronijevic, Library Deputy Director of Belgrade University

Date & Time: 27.03.2024, Wednesday – 2.30 pm 

Place: Zoom – 954 1228 7201

*The webinar will be in Turkish.

Panel: “The Contribution of University Libraries to Türkiye’s Academic Outcomes and Evaluation of Our Universities on the 100th Anniversary of our Republic”

Fatih Kumsel, Chairman of The Board of Directors of The Association of University and Research Librarians

Prof. Dr. Ural Akbulut, URAP (University Ranking by Academic Academic Performance) Coordinator

Derya Soğuksu, Senior Education Consultant

Tuna Can, Head of Library and Documentation Department of Ankara University

Dr. Ebru Kaya, Library Director of Bilkent University

Date & Time: 28.03.2024, Thursday – 2.00 pm–5.00 pm

Place: Library Art Gallery

*The event will be in Turkish.

Event: The Reader of the Year

Date & Time: 29.03.2024, Friday

Place: Main Campus Library, Circulation Desk

You can follow our library week activities on our social media accounts.