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Each faculty of Bilkent University has its own dedicated librarian who is responsible for supporting the teaching, learning and research needs of students and academic staff. These information specialists are equipped with access to information and provide a link between the faculties and the Library. The duties of the faculty librarians include: to determine the information needs of users; to show users how to get the best out of the collection and library services; and to develop the library collection. The faculty librarians can visit departments in order to give user training as well as deliver orientations in the Library. They can also help users by answering questions via e-mail and by phone.

Faculty Librarianship, Bilkent University Library

Faculty Academic English Program (FAE)
Faculty of Music and Performing Arts
School of Applied Languages
School of Applied Technology and Management
School of English Language (BUSEL)
Vocational School of Computer Technology and Office Management
Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Services

Dilan Ayverdi, Contact Information

Facult of Art Design and Architecture
Department of Archaeology
Faculty of Humanities and Letters
Department of History

Semra Kesler, Contact Information

Faculty of Business Administration
Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences
Faculty of Education
Bilkent Schools

Kerem Özata, Contact Information

Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Science

Faculty of Law

Zeynep Aykut, Contact Information