The Reserve Collection contains material that faculty members have deposited in Library, including books and class notes. In order to make Reserve Services more accessible, Bilkent University students can now reach electronic reserve materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to copyright restrictions on electronic versions, users can only access this material through the Bilkent campus network. Copyright laws vary according to the format of the relevant documents. Detailed information can be found on the “Reserve Request Form“. When filling out the form, please take into account the related section for the material you wish put on reserve. Materials already in electronic format can be forwarded by e-mail to the relevant address, and in that case, the printed version of the “Reserve Request Form” should be signed and given to the Reserve Desk as soon as possible. Any material which requires your personal approval to be added to the e-reserve collection and is your intellectual property will not be accessible by outside users, but only by legitimate users of the Bilkent campus network. In order to search the E-Reserve Collection, please click on the link below and then complete one or more of the search fields.

For any queries about E-Reserve, please email

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