Temporary Suspension of ILL Service for Print Books

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many libraries around the world have had to restrict or completely close their physical facilities. (See also: IFLA COVID-19 and the Global Library Field; Access link: https://www.ifla.org/covid-19-and-libraries). This phenomenon has led to the suspension of Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services (ILL) for print books. Because of this and the below-given reasons, Bilkent University Library has temporarily suspended the ILL service for print books.

  1. To prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, a significant number of libraries in Turkey, as well as many around the world, have had to restrict or completely close their physical facilities.
  2. There is a minimum number of library staff and/or for limited/certain hours or no staff working at all in the libraries.
  3. The interaction between a printed book, sending librarian, cargo, receiving librarian and the reader during the ILL process for a print book, (taking the book from the shelf, technical processing, cargo packing, shipping, opening the cargo, technical processing, delivering to the user and returning it to the lending library), increases the rate of spread of the virus.
  4. Despite precautions taken by the cargo companies, there is a high probability of the survival and spread of viruses on paper and cargo.
  5. Despite the necessary precautions taken by the lending and borrowing librarians, as well as the cargo companies, the reader who directly interacts with the book, can not / may not be able to take all necessary measures.
  6. As libraries are physically operating only at certain times or have entirely been closed, and the requester may be unable to go to the library for various health precautions,ILL book requester may not receive and return the book on time.
  7. Due to the restrictions expected/imposed by the logistics and cargo companies within the scope of the coronavirus (COVID-19)outbreak, the book may not be delivered within a reasonable time to the relevant library, and there is a high risk of loss during transportation.

Therefore, you are kindly requested not to make any ILL request for print books until further notice.

Due dates for all already borrowed ILL books have been extended through the end of June 2020, and possible overdue fines for these books will be canceled.

However, the books can be recalled as conditions allow it, and deemed necessary and appropriate by the Library.

We appreciate your kind understanding and collaboration.

Best regards,

Bilkent University Libray ILL Office

The aim of Interlibrary Loan and Document Supply is to provide users with access to resources not available at Bilkent through borrowing or photocopying from other libraries.

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