The Art Collection is located in the Art Room. This collection is one of the most important art libraries in Turkey, and contains books, journals and reference works on the visual arts, architecture, sculpture, drawing, design, illustration, painting, print-media, the decorative arts, decoration and ornamentation and photography. The Art Collection currently holds more than 30,000 books. The Art Room, including circulation, is open between 08.30-23.30 during the week and 09.00-17.00 at weekends. In the Art Room, users may also consult material from the Turkish Plastic Arts Archive, which includes articles from daily newspapers relating to the plastic arts as well as journals, calendars, posters, bulletins, brochures, original art, reproductions and invitations to art activities. Users should complete a special request form in order to take photographs or use video cameras.

For further information, please call +90 (312) 290 13 03.

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