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About the Library

Where are the university libraries located?

The Bilkent University Libraries are located at the center of Main Campus and, on the East Campus, in N-Building.

Who may use the libraries?

When is the library open?

Main Campus Library is open from 8.30-23.30 during the week and 9.00-23.30 at the weekend. East Campus Library and individual departments have special hours. Please see working hours for more information.

How can I find out the library rules?

There are different library rules for each kind of user. Please see Library Rules for detailed information.

Is food and drink allowed in the libraries?

Smoking and eating are prohibited in all parts of the Library. Food may be consumed in the two library cafes, but only water can consumed elsewhere in the Library.

How can I find the relevant librarian for my needs?

Librarians in Bilkent University Library have specific subject areas in which they have expertise. If you need to talk to a librarian about the best resources on a specific topic, please contact the Faculty Librarians. Also in the Reference and Current Periodicals rooms, the Reference Librarians are available to help users and answer any questions.

How can I search the library resources?

You can search the library resources by using the Library Catalog.

Can I make a photocopy of a whole book or a journal?

No. According to copyright law, you can photocopy only 10% of a book and only one article from a single issue of a journal.

Does the library have any computers with internet access?

Yes. Main Campus Library currently has 32 computers with internet access, located in the Reference and Current Periodicals Rooms. In order to use these computers, Bilkent University members should login with their existing username and password. For outsider users, a daily I.D. and password are supplied by the Library staff.

Which department can I give my thesis to?

Bilkent University Master's and doctoral theses should be delivered to “Reference and Faculty Librarian Office” in the Library (first floor, A-Block), in both print and electronic formats. Theses prepared by students of other universities are also accepted by the Library

How can I retrieve lost property?

There are 'lost and found' check points at both the Circulation and security desks in each library.

Loan Policy

Who can borrow library materials?

The libraries are organized primarily to serve the Bilkent student body, and academic and administrative staff. However, users from outside Bilkent are also welcome to use the Library, but most do not have borrowing rights. For more information, please see the Library Rules for Bilkent Alumni and Library Rules for Special Users on the Library website.

I am not a member of Bilkent University. How can I use the library?

Bilkent University Library serves outside users. Most outside users do not have borrowing rights but they can copy library material at the Photocopy Center. Academics from other universities with which Bilkent has a "protocol" agreement can borrow library materials. In some instances, "Special User" membership may be given to certain outside users. Otherwise, outside users can access Bilkent University Library sources by applying through the "Inter-Library Loan (ILL)" service of their own university library. For further information, please see Bilkent University Library Rules for Inter-Library Loan (ILL).

Library Membership

From other universities, academic staff and graduate students can be a member of our library and benefit from library services and resources for research activities.

For Library Membership:

  • Fill out membership form which is located on the Library web page. For application, entries in the library can be made by showing organization ID cards and membership form.
  • Annual membership fee must be deposited into the Yapı Kredi Bank , Bilkent No. 684 34 734 IBAN NO: TR770006701000000068434734), TL account.
  • Annual membership fee is 400 TL for academic staff, 250 TL for graduate students.
  • Candidates should come to library to “Circulation Desk" and bring:
    • "Working document" from their institution (for academic staff),
    • "student document " (for graduate students),
    • One (1) photo,
    • Membership form,
    • Organization ID cards and
    • The bank receipt.
  • After completion of the membership process "Library Membership Card" which is valid for one (1) year will be delivered to members. By using "Library Membership Card" members can benefit from library services and resources in the library.
  • Membership is renewed at the beginning of each academic year.

    I am a graduate (alumnus) of Bilkent University. How can I use the library?

    Bilkent University alumni can copy library material at the Photocopy Center. They may obtain a membership to borrow library materials. For further information about alumni rules, please see Library Rules for Bilkent University Alumni.

    As a member of the library, how many items may I borrow?

    The number of items to be borrowed depends on the kind of user. For further information, please see Loan Policy.

    How can I borrow library materials?

    Bilkent University members are required to present their identity card at the Circulation Desk with the items they wish to borrow. Non-Bilkent users should fill out a Bilkent University Library Registration Form on the web-site or at the Circulation Desk. There is a fee for outside users who wish to borrow the library materials.

    How can I renew the materials I have borrowed?

    If the item has not been 'reserved' (hold) by another user and if there is no fine to be paid, before the due date it can be renewed at the Circulation Desk or, for Bilkent University members only, online via My Account for twice. Items which have already been renewed twice online must be brought to the Library for further renewal.

    May I borrow or renew items on behalf of another person?

    No. The borrowing and renewal of library materials must be done by the relevant user him or herself, not by someone else. However, items may be returned to the Library by another person.

    Do I have to bring an item to the Library in order to renew it?

    Bilkent University members are allowed to renew items twice online via Borrower Services. However, outside users must bring the item to the Library.

    How can I hold ('reserve') an item?

    Once an item has been found by searching the library catalog, the user can check whether or not it is available by clicking on the Volume/Copy link. If it has been checked out, the user can "hold" it by selecting the "put a reserve on this item" link at the bottom of the screen. To hold an item you must enter your borrower number (shown on your I.D. card) and password.

    How can I check my library account?

    You can check your library account on the library web site through My Account by using your borrower number (shown on your I.D. card) and password.

    What should I do if the book I want isn't on the shelf?

    First, you should determine whether the item has been borrowed by another user by selecting the Volume/Copy link on the library catalog. If an item has not been checked out so that its status is "Usable", but you cannot find it on the shelves, please refer to the Circulation Desk.

    What should I do if the book I want is already on loan to someone else?

    If the status of the item is "record in use", the item can be 'reserved' (hold), in which case it will be kept 3 days at the Circulation Desk for you when the other user returns it. If you need it urgently, the item can be recalled by completing the "Recall Book Form" on the Circulation Desk. The recall process can take between 1 to 3 weeks.

    Can I find out who checked out the item?

    No, circulation information is confidential.

    What are the library fines for overdue items?

    The current overdue fee is 0.50 Krş per item per day, and 2 TL per item per hour for overdue reserve items.

    May I borrow journals?

    Current issues of journals may not be borrowed but bound journals may. Undergraduate students may borrow two bound journals, and academic staff and postgraduate students may borrow four bound journals for 15 days. Please see Loan Policy for detailed information.

    May I borrow CDs, DVDs, VCDs, and videocassettes?

    Yes. However, the borrowing periods of these different items vary. Please see Loan Policy.

    What can I do if the library does not own a book or article that I want?

    If an item is not owned or subscribed to by the Library, you have two options. Bilkent faculty and research students can complete the "Book Request Form" and the book will be added to the collection. If the item you want is an out-of-print book or a journal article, you should complete the "Interlibrary Loan/Document Supply Form". Only Bilkent University faculty members and Bilkent research students can use this service.

    Electronic Resources

    How can I search the Library catalog?

    The library catalog can be searched by visiting the Library Catalog web page or using the OPAC terminals located on each floor of the Library. The catalog can be searched by author, title, subject, series, etc.

    What can I do if I want to see the electronic version of a journal?

    To see whether electronic access is available from Bilkent University Library, you should click on E-Journals which is under Finding Resources buton on the Library's home-page. Then, you can type the the name of a journal in the "Find" field to check on the electronic version of that journal.

    How do I find an article published in a particular electronic journal?

    You should select E-Journals on the Library's home-page. Then, you can type the name of the journal in the "Find" field. In order to find a particular volume and/or article, you should then choose the publication date.

    How can I access theses prepared at Bilkent University?

    You should click Library Catalog on the Library's home-page. Master's and doctoral theses prepared before September 2000 are only available in print format; those dating from September 2000 and later may be available in electronic format if the authors gave their permission.

    How do I access electronic books?

    Many E-books can be searched using the Library Catalog, in the same way as print books. The call numbers of the electronic books start with phrase "E-BOOK". In the list of search results, you should choose the relevant title from the list to see detailed information about the book. In order to view the full text of the book, click on the web-link. E-Books also can be searched E-books can also be found via Quick Search by selecting Electronic Books from the Research menu.

    Journals and Newspapers

    How do I find printed periodicals (journals, magazines)?

    All periodicals are listed on the Bilkent University Library website. Current issues of printed periodicals are located in Current Periodicals Room in A Block, 1st floor. Bound Journals are located in the lower basement of A Block. Please remember that most journals are available online. For full details of periodicals, please check the list of journals.

    Does the Library have daily newspapers?

    Daily newspapers and current issues of popular magazines can be consulted in the Newspaper and Magazine Reading Room in Main Campus Library (A-Block, 2nd floor). This room is open between 9.00 - 17.00.

    Using Wireless

    Can users access the internet within the Library from their laptops?

    Yes. Wireless access is available in both Main and East Campus libraries. Bilkent University members should obtain a VPN (Virtual Private Network) password from the relevant address in order to use this service. Outside users can obtain a daily VPN password by completing a request form at one of the following locations:

    • A Block Circulation Desk
    • A Block Reference Room
    • A Block Current Periodicals Room

    Can I search electronic indexes and full-text electronic journal articles from off-campus?

    Only Bilkent users can access the Library's electronic resources from outside the campus, by obtaining a VPN (Virtual Private Network) password from the relevant address on the website.

    Reserve / Electronic Reserve

    Can I borrow reserve material?

    The Reserve Collection contains books and printed notes which have been submitted by instructors for consultation by their students for 2-hour periods within the Library only. Registered users of the Library are permitted to consult a single reserve item for up to 2 hours within the Library. If the item has not been requested by another user, the consultation period may be extended for a further 2 hours.

    Does the Library have any electronic reserve items?

    Yes. This Class Notes box is on the Library Main Page and can be searched by course code or by instructor's name. Due to copyright laws, e-reserve material can only be accessed from within the Bilkent campus network.

    How do I submit an item to the reserve department?

    Items can be placed on reserve by completing the "Reserve Request Form". Please consult the special reserve rules.

    Multimedia Room Collection

    Where are audio-visual materials, such as CDs, DVDs, VCDs, and videos, located in the Library?

    Such materials are housed in the Multimedia Room in Main Campus Library. In addition, all music CDs are kept in the Multimedia Room.

    Can I borrow CDs, DVDs, VCDs, and videos?

    Yes. There are special rules or borrowing multimedia room and music material.

    Where can I watch the DVDs, VCDs, and videos in the Library?

    DVDs, VCDs, and videos can be watched in individual viewing booths in the Multimedia Room. In addition, you may also view your own personal DVDs, VCDs, or videos in these booths.

    Can DVDs, VCDs and videos be watched by a group in the Library?

    Yes. Groups of up to 40 users may watch videos in the Orientation Room, Main Campus Library. This room can be booked in advance by calling +90 (312) 290 26 86.

    Where are the microform readers?

    Microform readers for viewing microfilms and microfiche are currently located in the Visually Handicapped Room. Print-outs can be collected from microforms readers.