Dear Bilkent University Members,

In accordance with the decisions taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, since 25 March 2020, Bilkent University Library has been open only to the readers living on the campus, be-tween 11.00-13.00 on Fridays.

Our staff works alternately for the circulation activities. Readers are not directed to the shelves, our staff members fetch the books according to the call numbers given by the users. Reference sources can only be consulted in the reference room during the working hours. “Book Sterilization” is performed before the books are given to the readers. The books are given to the reader after being scanned for one minute in the device and, likewise, the returned books are placed on the shelves after being sterilized.

By means of the UV lamps in the device, an effective disinfection is provided against mold, bookworm, viruses and bacteria within 1 minute. Electronic items such as phones and tablets can also be sterilized with the sterilization device.

Kind regards,

Bilkent University Library