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British Standards Online

Database will be on trial access until 09 July 2019. British Standards Online (BSOL) database includes BS, ISO, EN and IEC international standards and technical documents. Trial access is limited view only option. Note: [...]

19 April 2019|

RBDigital Database

Database will be on trial access until 30 May 2019. RBDigital Database provides access to different platforms such as RBDigital Magazines, RBDigital Audiobooks, RBDigital E-Books, Comics, IndieFlix Cinema, Qello Music and Concert, The Great [...]

29 March 2019|

Gallup Analytics

Database will be on trial access until 15 June 2019. Gallup Analytics is an online analytics platform that provides access to nearly a century of US data, and a decade of global tracking data [...]

22 March 2019|

APA PsycThreapy

Database will be on trial access until 30 June 2019. APA PsycThreapy is a database which contains approximately 500 treatment videos conducted by expert doctors with patients, couples and their families. Note: Please, let [...]

15 March 2019|

Wiley Digital Archives

Database will be on trial access until 07 July 2019. Wiley Digital Archives database provides access to historical primary sources, digitized from leading societies, libraries, and archives around the world. It includes 3 archive collections access to [...]

8 January 2019|