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Legalis database

Legalis database provides full-text access to the available subject modules Private Law, Civil Procedure Law, Commercial Law, Penal Law, Tax Law, Constitutional Law and Insurance Law.

18 June 2018|


Database will be on trial access until 27 June 2018. The University of Virginia’s Rotunda Collections offer fully searchable, primary and secondary materials in history and the humanities.

29 May 2018|

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature

Oxford Research Encyclopedias of Literature provides access to articles in literature, humanities, social sciences and related subjects.

14 May 2018|

Bloomsbury Collections

Database will be on trial access until 4 September 2018. Bloomsbury Collections provides access to more than 6,000 e-books across subject areas in the humanities and social sciences including latest research publications from Bloomsbury, T&T Clark, [...]

15 March 2018|

Oxford International Organizations

Database will be on trial access until 30 June 2018. Oxford International Organizations provides access to primary materials and analysis on the law of international organizations.

12 March 2018|