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APA PsycThreapy

Database will be on trial access until 13 April 2019. APA PsycThreapy is a database which contains approximately 500 treatment videos conducted by expert doctors with patients, couples and their families. Note: Please, let [...]

15 March 2019|

Wiley eMajor Reference Works

Database will be on trial access until 5 April 2019. Wiley eMRW are encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries within every category of science, technology, engineering and social sciences available via Wiley Online Library. The following [...]

6 March 2019|


Database will be on trial access until 27 March 2019. Torrossa full text platform offers access to over 450,000 articles and chapters, 32,000 e-books and 900 e-journals from over 230 Italian, Spanish, French and [...]

4 March 2019|

Arcadian Library Online

Database will be on trial access until 16 April 2019. Database provides access to online reproductions of rare books and manuscripts held at the Arcadian Library. These are primary sources for the history, transmission, [...]

20 February 2019|

Sayısal Kitap

Sayısal Kitap database provides access to Turkish e-books on mainly Turkish and world literature, academic publications, children's books, culture and philosophy subjects. Additionally, database includes some volumes of Notos, and Duvar journals. [...]

14 February 2019|

Wiley Digital Archives

Database will be on trial access until 07 July 2019. Wiley Digital Archives database provides access to historical primary sources, digitized from leading societies, libraries, and archives around the world. It includes 3 archive collections access to [...]

8 January 2019|