European Union Information Centre

The Bilkent University European Union Information Centre opened in 2001 with the status of a “full EUIC” and serves as a depository library for European Commission publications. The collection includes legislative documents, scientific and technical publications, statistics, reports, studies and brochures.

Bilkent’s objective as an EDC is to help the university promote and consolidate teaching and research in the field of European integration, and to make information on the European Union and its policies available to the public. With Turkey’s candidacy in the EU, the Bilkent EDC will be an important center for the dissemination of information on the EU, thus raising public awareness in Turkey about the EU and Turkish-European Union relations.


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European Union Information Centre Collection Usage Rules
  • In accordance with the conditions of the European Commission, publications supplied by the Commission may not be borrowed.
  • The material may be consulted in the Centre between 08.30-17.00 during the week.
  • An ID card must be given to the library staff before removing printed documents from the Centre for photocopying.
  • Please do not re-shelve books. You may leave books on the study tables to be re-shelved by staff.
  • Anyone misusing or damaging library materials or premises will be subject to disciplinary measures.

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European Union Information Centre Collection Statistics
Item Type Count
Bound Journal 147
Book 2717
Map 25
Poster 27
Multimedia 206
Other 14
European Documentation Centres in Turkey
  • European Documentation Centres (EUi), help universities, research institutes and CSOs to promote and develop education and research on European integration, encourage them to take part in the debate on Europe and help ordinary citizens to learn about the Union’s policies.
  • The EU Information Network and EUi’s are of crucial importance in conveying core messages about the EU and accession process, responding to the growing demand for information, increasing public awareness and knowledge at local and regional levels and stimulating objective public debates locally and nationally.
  • European Documentation Centres were set up in different universities and other organizations across Turkey by the European Commission and the European Documentation Centres:
    • Akdeniz University
    • Anadolu University
    • Ankara University
    • Atatürk University
    • Bilkent University
    • Çukurova University
    • Dokuz Eylül University
    • Ege University
    • IKV – Economic Development Foundation
    • Istanbul University
    • Istanbul Bilgi University
    • Marmara University
    • Middle East Technical University
    • TOBB
    • Yaşar University

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Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union situated in Luxembourg. Its task is to provide the European Union with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions. For further information you can see:
European Union Libraries

Libraries of EU institutions

The Council of the European Union central library: The library is open to Council staff, trainees, member state delegates and staff of other EU institutions. Researchers and students may also request access.
European Commission Library and e-Resources Centre (Find-eR): Explore a wealth of resources on EU policies, law and more in the European Commission Library’s print and electronic collections
Eurolib: A grouping of the EU’s institutional libraries that improves the performance of library staff through inter-library contacts and staff exchange


Digital Libraries

Europeana: Search the 6 million digital items belonging to European cultural collections
European Library: Search the content of Europe’s national libraries by content type or by country
EU media libraries: EU institutions offer photo, video and audio coverage of European news for use by broadcasters, news agencies, the written press and anyone requiring material on the EU
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