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Cambridge Core

Cambridge Core is a platform which combines Cambridge Books Online and Cambridge Journals Online. It offers full-text access to over 350 peer-reviewed academic journals as well as more than 30,000 e-books within the subject [...]

25 February 2019|


Vidobu database contains more than 10.000 Turkish training videos in the fields of science and technology, photography, personal development and career development. With the off campus feature you can also access to the Vidobu [...]

22 February 2019|

The Genealogist

The Genealogist database includes various documents such as birth, marriage and death records of British countries like Scotland, Wales and England, English and Welsh censuses between 1841-1911, parish records, wills and testaments, military records, [...]

8 February 2019|

World Scientific Journals

World Scientific Journals database includes 86 academic e-journals in subject areas such as  nanotechnology, biomedical science and computational science. All current issues and back file issues are available (2001-2019) on the platform. [...]

5 February 2019|

Karger E-Books

Covering all disciplines of molecular biology, genetics and psychology, Karger E-Books database comprises hundreds of e-books dating back to 1997. This database offers fast, convenient and seamless online access to specific content for medical [...]

16 January 2019|

Humanities Source Ultimate

Humanities Source Ultimate is a database of humanities disciplines that provide access to thousands of full-text journals, full-text books, indexes, interviews, book reviews, and more.

10 January 2019|