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2911, 2017

Peter Lang

Peter Lang provides access to e-books in the fields of Social Sciences, Art and Humanities.

2911, 2017

Kluwer Arbitration

Kluwer Arbitration is an online resource for international arbitration research. It provides access to a collection developed in association with primary organizations [...]

2911, 2017

Rosetta Stone Library Solution

Rosetta Stone is a language learning tool that enables reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in 30 different languages.

2911, 2017


Turcademy provides access to about 2,500 electronic books in law, history, philosophy, psychology, political science, language and literature, education, business, economy, science, [...]

2911, 2017


Idealonline provides access to electronic journals in medicine, physical sciences, literature, history, art, engineering and related subjects.

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