Home Office & Open Education

With the spread of COVID-19 outbreak, students and instructors suddenly had to switch to distance or online education,  researchers and administrative staff had to continue their work from home as much as possible. The COVID-19 pandemic led to new paradigms in our formal education and work order and has accelerated the compulsory transition of the society to the digital age. In addition to formal education, alternative and open education, which differ in terms of content, purpose, method, format, etc., have gained importance and emerged as new models in learning. In this context, various education content producers and providers, prepare course materials and content in different formats to support formal education and lifelong learning as well as research at different levels.

The library institution, which is the main stakeholder of both formal education and lifelong learning, continues to be the catalyst of change by preserving its essential function of “appropriate and reliable information retrieval.” Bilkent University Library, along with the various databases and thousands of electronic books and electronic journals compatible with the university’s education and research activities, also provides access to many learning tools and databases such as RBDigitalVidobu, Mango Languages, Alexander Street Academic Video Online, Muscle and Motion Strength Training, Play With A Pro, Drama OnlineJoVE, etc., that encourage self-learning and fit with the requirements of the digital age.

In addition, our Library also recommends via the Home Office & Open Education page a variety of courses and course materials under the Open Academy, various webinars of academic publishers and education content providers as well as different tools which facilitate home office and remote learning, an alternative to the Zoom platform which our university is using for remote instruction.

You can share your opinion and suggestions about the platforms and tools that support the home office remote education via our e-mail.

We wish you healthy days and enjoyable learning.