Mikrofiş P-Z Alfabetik Liste

REF/PE279 .D53 1986 0888449232
Dictionary of Old English [microform]
Published for the Dictionary o Toronto 1986
PJ3815 .G73 1987 Grayson, Albert Kirk 0802026052
Assyrian rulers of the third and second millennia BC (to 1115 BC) / A.Kirk Grayson with the assistance of Grant Frame, Douglas Frayne ;and a contribution on Nuzi by Maynard Maidman.
University of Toronto Press Toronto ;Buffal 1987
PJ3815 .G73 1991 Grayson, Albert Kirk. 0802025965
Assyrian rulers of the early first millennium BC I (1114-859 BC) / A. Kirk Grayson
University of Toronto Press Toronto ;Buffal 1991
PJ3824 .F73 1993 Frayne, Douglas. 0802005934
Sargonic and Gutian periods, 2334-2113 BC / Douglas Frayne
University of Toronto Press Toronto ;Buffal 1993
PJ3837.A557 B67 1996 Borger, Rykle. 3447037911
Beitrage zum Inschriftenwerk Assurbanipals: Die Prismenklassen A, B, C
Harrassowitz Wiesbaden 1996
PJ3883 .C67 1993 Birot, Maurice. 2865382427
Correspondance des gouverneurs de Qattunan / publies par Maurice Birot
Editions Recherche sur les civ Paris 1993
PL171 .D46 1992 Demirci, Mahide A.
A government binding approach to anaphoric binding in Turkish [microform)
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
PL171 .S49 1992 Sezer, Fehmi Engin.
Issues in Turkish syntax [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
PL217 .H3 1836 Hammer-Purgstall, Joseph
Geschichte der osmanischen Dichtkunst b's auf unsere Zeit : mit einer Blüthenlese aus zweytausend, zweyhundert Dichtern / Hammer-Purgstall.
C. A. Hartleben's Verlag Pesth 1836
PL248.F58 D38 1995 Büyükkarcı, Fatma
Firdevsi-i Tavil and his Da'vet-name : inceleme, metin, dizin, tıpkıbtıpkıbasım ve mikrofiş / Fatma Büyükkarcı
Harvard Üniversitesi Yakındoğu [Cambridge, Mas 1995
PN1998.3.A48 H434 1984 Heans, A.
A reconsideration of the concept of authorship in film theory [microform]: an analysis of thefilms of Robert Altman, 1969-1975/ A. Heans.
University of Keele [Keele, Newcast 1984
PN2091.S8 T43 1992 Tharandt, Beate Elisabeth
Walter Gropius'totaltheater revisited [microform]: a phenomenological study of the theater of the future.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
PN3503 .M55 1993 Miller, Eric Randolf.
Fictional representation [microform]: a philosophical study.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
PN5124.M5 H644 1984 Hiley, N. P.
Making war [microform] : the British news media and goverment control, 1914-1916. 2 vols. / N.P. Hiley
Open University [Milton Keynes] 1984
PQ288.S36 K87 1991 Kurtz, Steven John.
The significance of Schopenhauerian philosophy in late nineteenth century French literature [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
PQ2635.O117 Z61 1979 Condou, Antony.
From film to text [microform] : an analysis of the novels 1953-1970 of Alain Robbe-Grillet / A.E.P. Condou.
University of London [London] 1979
PQ6633.O594 B78 1990 Bruner, Jeffrey Benham.
The role of painting in two novels by Carlos Rojas [microform]: "El Va Valle de los Caidos" and "El jardin de las Hesperides".
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
PR449.S48 P37 1994 Parker, Todd Christopher.
Engendering consistency [microform]: identity and the rhetoric of sexual difference in British literature, 1700-1750.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
PR451 .N56 1986 The Nineteenth century. [microform] General collection. Material published from 1800-1830
Chadwyck-Healey in association Cambridge [Engl 1986
PR4037 .S74 1990 Stevenson, Jillian Heydt.
Verbal landscapes and visual texts [microform]: Jane Austen and the pictoresque.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1990
PR6045.O72 Z695 1982 Woolf, Virginia, 090473580X
Concordances to the novels of Virginia Woolf [microform]
Oxford Microform Pub. Oxford 1982
REF/PS1331 .M3 1992 Machlis, Paul.
Union catalog of letters to Clemens / Paul Machlis, with the assistance of Deborah Ann Turner.
University of California Press Berkeley 1992
PS3501.S475 S4 1991 Miller, Stephen Paul.
Three self-consuming mechanisms of the mid-seventies [microform]: John Ashbery's "Self-portrait in a convex mirror", the Watergate affair, and Jasper Johns's crosshatch paintings.
Ann Arbor, MI 1991
PS3525.O56168 J69 1992 Joyce, Elisabeth W.
Complexity is not a crime [microform]: Marianne Moore, modernism and the visual arts
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
PS3566.E6912 Z773 1993 McDonald, Harold Lawson,
Toward a triadic theory of Walker Percy [microform]: a semiotic reading of the novels.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
PT2662.E7 Z64 1992 Multer, Raingard,
Kunstler-und Kunstproblematik im Werk von Thomas Bernhard:gegen Aura-Verlust und Warencharakter der kunst [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor,MI 1992
Q335 .B57 1992 Biron, Ronald Marcel.
Roger Penrose's "The emperor's new mind" [microform]: implications for critical thinking.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
Q335 .D45 1993 Del Val, Alvaro.
Belief revision and update [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
Q335 .G76 1993 Grosof, Benjamin Nathan.
Updating and structure in non-monotonic theories [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
QA9 .D36 1992 Damnjanovic, Zlatan.
Facets of infinity [microform]: a theory of finistic truth.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
QA9 .M36 1993 Mantha, Suryanarayana Mur
First-order preference theories and their applications [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
QA76.9.D3 A44 1993 Alhajj, Reda Sleiman.
A query model and an object algebra for object-oriented databases [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
QA76.9.H85 K67 1989 Kornelsen, Jude.
Virtual reality? [microform]: Marshall McLuhan and phenomenological investigation of the construction of virtual worlds.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1989
QA76.64 .T36 1991 Tan, Milton.
Themes for schemes [microform]: design creativity as the conceptualization, transformation, and representation of emergent forms.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1991
QA171 .M281 1983 Mann, A. J. S.
Some problems in group theory / A.J.S. Mann
University of Oxford Oxford 1983
QA248 .A48 1992 Alvin, Philip Joseph.
Individuals and the anti-foundation axiom [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
QA268 .P67 1990 Porter, Sidney Carl.
Decoding codes arising from Goppa's construction on algebraic curves [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
QA402 .S44 1993 Şefik, Ayla
Structural analysis of pole assignment and stabilization in dynamic systems [microform].
:UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
QA402 .U59 1993 Ünyelioğlu, Konur Alp.
Decentralized blocking zeros in the control of large scale systems [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
QA611 .A77 1993 Arslan, Ahmet.
An electronic topological picturebook [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
QA614.8 .G86 1993 Gümral, Hasan.
Integrability and poisson structures of three dimensional dynamical systems and equations of hydrodynamic type [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
QC145.2 .A43 1987 Allen, M. P. 0198553757
Computer simulation of liquids / M.P. Allen and D.J. Tildesley
Clarendon Press ;Oxford Univer Oxford [Oxfords 1987
QC176 .S65 Ehrenreich, H. 0126077010
Solid state physics : advances in research and application / Ed.by H.Ehrenreich, D.Turnbull, F.Seitz
Academic Pr. New York...[et 1955
QC612.S8 G43 1993 Gedik, Mehmet Zafer.
Superconducting systems of low dimensionality [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
QC809.E15 D87 1983 Durkin, John.
Study of through-the-earth communications [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1983
QC880.4.A8 M87 1990 Murphree, James Thomas
Tropical-extratropical interaction in a model atmosphere [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
QD461 .R476 1981 Richards, W. G. 0198556144
Spin-orbit coupling in molecules / by W.G. Richards, H.P. Trivedi, and D.L. Cooper.
Clarendon Press Oxford 1981
QP251 .M34 1994 McElrath, Thomas Frederic
Heterogeneity in human reproduction [microform]: an analysis of seasonal and racial variation in birth outcomes. UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1994
QT34 .K37 1993 Karaman, Mustafa.
Digital beamforming techniques and VLSI circuits for medical ultrasound imaging [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
R33 .S83 1997 Kramme, Ulrike 3598341229
Südosteuropaisches Biographisches Archiv [microform] = South-East Asian biographical archives / [compiled by U. Kramme and Z. Urra Muena].
K.G. Saur Verlag München 1997
SB467 .C37 1991 Capella Peters, Christine
The physiclal treatment of cultural and historic resources [microform]
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
SB469.4.A2 F55 1991 Flickinger, Mark John.
An examination post-modernism in landscape architecture [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
SB469.4.A2 G76 Grossman, Mary Louise.
Theory and practice in introductory level landscape architectural design education [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI
SB469.4.A2 R66 1990 Rome, Richard C.
Landscape aesthetics as the foundation of landscape architectural education [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
SB472 .F49 1989 Feyerharm, Ann Stewart.
The politics of design change [microform]: facilitating the practice of landscape architecture through conflict resolution strategies.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1989
SB472 .N86 1992 Nunan, Linda Margaret.
Arid landscape design strategies using ornamental plantings for effictive insect and disease control [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1992
SB472.5 .K57 1990 Kissinger, Paul David.
Developer's perception of landscape architectural services [microform]
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
SB472.55 .S64 1989 Spencer, Jo Ann.
Relationship between landscape architects and landscape constractors [microform]: real vs ideal
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1989
SB475.9.C55 L58 1990 Livingston, Margaret.
Effects of three landscape treatments on building microclimates, and energy and water use [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
SB475.9.D37 L5 1990 Li, Ning.
The computerized landscape [microform]: the potential of utilizing computer integration technology in landscape architecture.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
T11 .B73 1990 Brasseur, Lee Ellen. An examination of the visual composing process of graph, chart and table designers [microform]. UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
T157.5 .A39 1993 Akyel, H. Cemal.
Minimizing schedule length on identical parallel machines [microform]: an exact algorithm
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
T385 .H45 1992 Heisserman, Jeff Alan.
Generative geometric design and boundary solid grammars [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
TA638 .C287 1973 Carmichael, W. F.
Development of educational methods for teaching the structural engineering content of the architectural curriculum [microform]/ W.F. Carmichael.
Heriot Watt University Edinburgh 1973
TH4816 .G87 1991 Gurstein, Penny
Working at home in the live-in office [microform]: computers, space, a and the social life of households / by Penelope Cheryl Gurstein.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
TK4399.O35 N67 1992 North, Virginia Ann.
Factors influencing workers' impressions of glare in open offices [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1992
TK5101.A1 I146 1992 GLOBECOM'92 [microform]: conference record.
IEEE New York, N.Y. 1992
TK5101.A1 I46 1993 GLOBECOM'93 [microform]: conference record.
IEEE New York, N.Y. 1993
TK7871.6 .T74 1983 Trembly, Bruce Stuart.
The electric field of an insulated, linear antenna embedded in an electrically dense medium [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1983
TK7874 .W45 1983 Wei, You-Pang.
Large-scale circuit simulation [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1983
TL500 .A33 1988 AGARD advisory report.
North Atlantic Treaty Organiza Loughton, Essex 1988
TP841 .S94 1984 Swan, Vivien G. 0117012033
The pottery kilns of Roman Britain / Vivien G. Swan.
H.M.S.O. London 1984
TR112.I8 E73 1990 Erdoğdu, Ayşe.
Selling the orient [microform]: nineteenth century photographs of Istanbul in European markets
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
TR145 .K248 1987 Keeling, Derek Foundations of photography : a tutorial series. World Microfilms Pub. London 1987
TR187 .S43 1990 Seaton, Elizabeth P.
Delegation and depiction [microform]: the textual authorities of photographic criticism
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1991
TR660 .A4 1991 Agee, Bill.
Inner landscapes [microform]. (Original artwork).
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
TR820.5 .S85 1987 Waley, M. I.
Sultan 'Abdulhamid II [microform] : early Turkish photographs in 51lalbums from the British Library on microfiche / editor, Muhammad Isa Waley.
IDC Zug, Switzerlan 1987
TS157.5 .O38 1993 Oğuz, Ceyda.
Single machine scheduling problems [microform]: early-tardy penalties.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
WM450.5.A8 A23 1992 Abdelsayed, Said N.
A challenge to mind and body [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
WM450.5.A8 S25 1991 Sakaue-Rowan, Keiko.
Art as personal theraphy [microform]: a pathway toward self-discovery and development
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
WN185 .A83 1993 Atalar, Ergin.
Motion artifact reduction techniques in magnetic resonance imaging[microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
WY100 .R63 1993 Rochat, Ruth Margaret.
Cultural values [microform]: a descriptive exploratory study.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
Z48 .C66 1987 COM semineri [microform], Kasım 1987, İstanbul.
Pergamon Pr. [s.l.] 1987
Z116.A3 B87 1990 Burnett, Kathleen Marie.
Word becomes image [microform]: Herbert Bayer, pioneer of a new vision in book design
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
Z675.A8 Z48 1990 Zhang, Qiaoqiao.
Agricultural libraries and information centres in China: co-operation, resource-sharing and networking [microform].
British Library Documents Supp Boston Spa, Wet 1990
Z679.5 .B86 1989 Bunn, Dumont C.
Architectural features of contemporary academic libraries: four case studies [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1989
Z679.5 .L44 1985 Lee, Sang Chul.
Planning and design of academic library buildings [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1985
Z699 .R43 1988 Reddy, Mary Ann.
Search strategy skills [microform]: a two method comparison of teaching CD-ROM bibliographic searching techniques.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1988
Z699.2 .D38 1992 Davis, Dorothy Frances.
A comparison of bibliographic instruction methods on CD-ROM databases [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1992
Z716.3 .K57 1985 Kirby, John, 0566034964
Creating the library identity : a manual of design / John Kirby
Gower Aldershot, Hant 1985
REF/Z2016 .N38 1984 National inventory of documentary sources in the United Kingdom [microform].
Chadwyck-Healey Teaneck, N.J. 1984