Mikrofiş E-M Alfabetik Liste

E97.5 .E45 1993 Ellis, Richard Clyde.
To change them forever [microform]: schooling on the Kiowa-Comanche reservation, 1869-1920.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
E98.A7 R87 1990 Rushing, William Jackson.
Native American art and culture and the New York avant-garde, 1910-1950h[microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
E99.C6 T68 1991 Tourangeau, Ron
Visual art as metaphor [microform]: understanding Anishinabe spirituality and Christianity
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
E99.D1 B57 1993 Birkeland, Vicki Rae.
A life study [microform]: the retraditionalization process of a Lakota woman.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
E99.O45 P38 1993 Patrick, Christine Sternb
The life and times of Samuel Kirkland, 1741-1808 [microform]: missionary to the Oneida Indians, American patriot, and founder of Hamilton College.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
E169.1 .H44 1993 Hegeman, Susan.
The democracy of cultures [microform]: transformations of the culture concept in modernist America
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
E169.1 .P66 1993 Ponce de Leon, Charles Le
Idols and icons [microform]: representations of celebrity in American , 1850-1940.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
E178 .P36 1978 Pamphlets in American history [microform].
Microfilming Corporation of Am Glen Rock, N.J. 1978
E445.V8 B37 1994 Barden, John Randolph.
"Flushed with notions of freedom" [microform]: the growth and emancipation of a Virginia slave community,
1732-1812. UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
F205.G74 W37 1993 Warnke, Christine Matilda
Greek American community of Washington, D.C. (1890-1935) [microform]: implications of ingrouping.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
F548.9.A1 W55 1993 Williams, Randy Hugh.
Racism on the Northern Plains [microform]: 1874-1877.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
F1231 .B46 1994 Bennett, Herman Lee.
Lovers, family and friends [microform]: the formation of Afro-Mexico, 1580-1810.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
GN17.3.U6 T74 1994 Trencher, Susan Rappaport
Toward an anthropology of American anthropology [microform]: an analysis of fieldworker ethnographies
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1994
GN345 .W37 1991 Warhaft, Mark J. 0315770120
Anthropology and political hegemony [microform]: some implications of the capitalist mode ofproduction with special reference to Eric Wolf.
UMI Ann Abor, MI 1991
GN671.N5 G83 1992 Guddemi, Phillip Vickroy.
We came from thish[microform]: knowledge, memory, paintting and "play"in the initiation rituals of the Sawiyano of Papua New Guinea.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
GN774.22.E8 I57 1990 Newell, R.R. 9004090975
An Inquiry into the ethnic resolution of Mesolithic regional groups : the study of their decorative ornaments in time and space / R.R.Newell...[et al.].
: E.J.Brill Leiden 1990
GV1701 .C44 1994 Cefkin, Melissa.
Choreographing culture [microform]: dance, folklore, and the politics of identity in Turkey
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
H67.N5 C63 1981 Barton, Judith S.
Reports of the Bureau of Applied Social Research on microfiche [microform].
Clearwater Pub. Co. New York 1981
HC106.5 .C87 SUPPL. Current economic developments [microform] : microfiche publication / prepared weekly for the information of the Foreign Service of the United States under the auspices of the Information Service Committee. Dept. of State Washignton, D.C 1945
HB887 .I94 1993 Iverson, Shepherd Bernhar
Evolutionary demographic transition theory [microform]: comparative causes of prehistoric, historic and modern demographic tansitions.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
HC60 .K78 1982 Krueger, Anne O.
The impact of development assistance [microform]. Volume II : counry studies : India, Korea, Turkey, Ghana and Ivory Coast / Anne O. Krueger and Vernon W. Ruttan; with Vasant Sukhatme, Dirck Stryker and Hasan Tuluy.
University of Minnesota, Econo [St. Paul, Minn 1982
HC106.6 .H35 1974 Haitovsky, Yoel. 0870142666
Forecasts with quarterly macroeconometric models / Yoel Haitovsky, George Treyz, Vincent Su.
National Bureau of Economic Re New York 1974
HC110.C3 K46 1976 Kendrick, John W. 0870142712
The formation and stocks of total capital.
National Bureau of Economic Re New York 1976
HC110.I5 D57 1977 Juster, Francis Thomas, 1 0870145177
The Distribution of economic well-being / Ed. by F. T. Juster.
National Bureau of Economic Re [New York] 1977
HC405 .U52 1974 United States economic assistance to Turkey [microform] : report to the Congress / by the Comptroller General of the United States.
U.S. General Accounting Office Washington 1974
HC1000 .G69 1984 Gowon, Yabuku,
The economic community of West African States [microform]: a study in political and economic integration
The British Library Boston Spa, Wet 1984
HD30.23 .D43 Proceedings of the ... annual meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute [microform]. -- The Institute [Atlanta, GA] 0898-9567 1986
HD40 .P65 1993 Polatoğlu, Lütfi Hakan.
Order quantity and pricing decisions in linear cost inventory systems [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
HD610.H58 L67 1993 Hassall, W. O. 0197260934
Lordship and landscape in Norfolk : the early records of Holkham / edited by William Hassall and Jacques Beauroy.
Published for the British Acad Oxford ;New Yor 1993
HD6136 .P414 1980 Pennington, S. L.
Women as homeworkers : an analysis of the homework-labour force in England from 1850 until the present day [microform]/ S.L. Pennington.
Essex University Colchester 1980
HD9715.U52 G68 1976 Gottlieb, Manuel. 0870142267
Long swings in urban development.
National Bureau of Economic Re New York 1976
HE396.E6 S54 1994 Sheriff, Carol.
"The artificial river" [microform]: the Erie Canal and the paradoxes of progress, 1817-1862.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
REF/HE8811 .P46 1991 Phonefiche [microform]: current telephone directories on microfiche.
UMI, A Bell and Howell Ann Arbor, MI 1991
HF5547.2 .B37 1992 Barrett, Carol Ann.
Perception of privacy and distraction on office workers [microform]:implications for planning
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1992
HF5547.2 .G53 1990 Glass, James Thomas, Jr.
Computer-aided link analysis of work place designs [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1990
HF5547.2 .P33 1990 Paciuk, Monica Thea.
The role of personal control ofthe environment in thermal comfort and satisfaction at the workplace [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1990
HQ682 .H46 1979 Hendry, Joy.
Changing attitudes to marriage in Japan [microform].
The British Library Document S [West Yorkshire 1979
HQ766.5.T9 O47 1977 Olson-Prather, Emelie.
Family planning and husband-wife relationships in contemporary Turkey [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1977
HQ1075.5.G7 M38 1993 Matchinske, Megan Marin
Constructing gender and state in early modern England [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
HQ1730.7.Z8 Z33 1993 Meneley, Anne Theresa.
Style, status, and sociability in Zabid [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
HT166 .C47 1991 Chen, Shujen.
Computer-aided visual simulation in an urban context [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1991
HT168.P43 S55 1990 Shin, Ki-Cheol.
Privatism in urban form [microform]: a case study on the morphological transformation of Society Hill and Olde City in Philadelphia since the early sixties.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1990
HV97.R8 R8 1988 Hammack, David C. 0886921511
The Russell Sage Foundation [microform] : social research and social action in America, 1907-1947.
CIS Academic Editions Frederick, Md. 1988
HX243.M58 M33 1992 MacDonald, Bradley James.
William Morris and the aesthetic foundations of political theory [microform)
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
JX233 .A3 1952-54 SUPPL. Glennon, John P., 0160378230
Secretary of State's memoranda of conversation, November 1952-December 1954 [microform] : microfiche supplement / editor in chief, John P. Glennon ; editor, William F. Sanford, Jr
Department of State : U.S. G.P Washington 1992
JX233 .A3 1955-57 V.3 SUPPL. Glennon, John P.,
China [microform] : microfiche supplement / editor in chief, John P. Glennon ; editor, Harriet D. Schwar Dept. of State :For sale by th Washington 1987
JX233 .A3 1958-60 V.3 SUPPL. Glennon, John P.,
National security policy; arms control and disarmament [microform] : microfiche supplement / editors, Edward C. Keefer, David W. Mabon ; general editor, David S. Patterson.
Department of State : U.S. G.P Washington 1998
JX233 .A3 1958-60 V.5 SUPPL. Glennon, John P.,
American Republics [microform] : microfiche supplement / ed. in chief, John P. Glennon.
Dept. of State :For sale by th Washington 1991
JX233 .A33 U.S. foreign relations papers [microform].
Law Library Microform Consorti Kaneohe, HI 1861
JX1417 .A33 SUPPL. American foreign policy current documents. [microform].
Office of the Historian, U.S. [Washington, D. 1987
JX1417 .A332 SUPPL. American foreign policy, foreign affairs, press briefings and treaties Supplement [microform].
U.S. Dept. of State, Office of Washington, D.C 1990
JQ1825.S82 G76 1980 Gross, Max L.
Ottoman rule in the province of Damascus, 1860-1909. (Volumes I and II) [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1980
KF4541.Z9 L48 1994 Levin, Daniel Lessard.
Ritual and rights [microform]: the representation of popular sovereignty during the Bicentennial of the United
States Constitution. UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
KKX2101 .D87 Düstur [microform] : Meclis-i Tanzimat'ın teşkilinden beru tertib ve tanzim olunan kavanin ve nizamat
Harrassowitz Microfiche Wiesbaden 199?
REF/L900 .I58 1994 1994/95 international college catalog collection [microform].
International College Naples, Fla. 1994
LA941.7 .S66 1995 Somel, Akşin.
Das Grundschulwesen in den Provinzen des Osmanischen Reiches wahrend der Herrschaftsperiode Andülhamid II. (1876-1908) [microform].
Hansel-Hohenhausen Egelsbach; Fran 1995
LB3209 .C43 1991 Chapman, Marvin Watzel.
A comparative analysis of the importance of selected elementary school building characteristics to teachers, principles, and architects [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
LB3209 .H37 1991 Harper, Jon Kurt-Patrick.
Hardware information technologies that should affect how we build the classrooms of the future through 2010 [microform]. UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
LB3223 .S53 1992 Shaub, James Richard.
Higher education facilities [microform]: attributes that enhance building comfort level as preceived by educators and students.
Ann Arbor, MI, 1992
LB3241 .D84 1992 Duffy, Patrick Michael
Classrooms and their users [microform]: a conceptual mapping of research on the physical environment of schools.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
LB3261 .S78 1992 Stueck, Lawrence Estes.
The design of learning environment [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, Mi 1992
LB3325.A8 B48 1991 Bethune, James D.
A user assessment of selected lecture halls to determine the relative merits of architectural standards and ergonomic guidelines [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1991
LC3732.T4 T78 1994 Trujillo, Armando L.
Community empowerment and bilingual/bicultural education [microform]:
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
LC3733.N5 R33 1993 Rabino, Linda.
The bilingual education program in New York City public schools [microform]: an anthropological study of education, language, and ethnicity.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
ML197 .S79 1978 Stuessy, Clarence J.,
The confluence of jazz and classical music form 1950 to 1970 [microform)
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1978
ML410.R52 G74 1982 Griffiths, Steven.
A critical study of the music of Rimsky-Korsakov up to 1890 [microform)
University of Sheffield Sheffield 1982
ML419.B735 R32 1986 Radano, Ronald Michael.
Anthony Braxton and his two musical traditions, the meeting of concert music and jazz [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1986
ML419.C645 P67 1983 Porter, Lewis R.
John coltrane's music of 1960 through 1967 [microform] : Jazz improvisation as composition.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1983
ML419.R64 B6 1978 Blancq, Charles, C.,
Melodic improvisation in American jazz [microform] : the style of Theodore "Sonny"Rollins, 1951-1962
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1978
ML3531 .R67 1994 Rose, Patricia Lorraine.
Black noise [microform]: Rap music and black cultural resistance in contemporary American popular culture
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
ML3561.J3 F73 1984 Fraser, Wilmot Alfred.
Jazzology [microform] : a study of the tradition in which jazz musicians learn to improvise
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1984
ML3832 .T363 1969 Thackray, Rupert Manfred.
Rhytmic abilities and their measurement. [microform]
University of Reading [Reading] 1969
MT3.G7 B477 1963 Bentley, A.
A study of some aspects of musical ability amongst young children including those unable to sign in tune [microform] / A. Bentley.
University of Reading [Reading] 1963
MT68 .S64 1984 Smith, Gregory Eugene.
Homer, Gregory, and Bill Evans?: the theory of formulaic composition in the context of jazz piano improvisation [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1983