Mikrofiş A-D Alfabetik Liste

REF/AE25 .E53325 1996 Diderot, Denis, 3891312245
Encyclopedie [microform] : dictionnaire raisonne des sciences, des arts et des metiers : Paris 1751-1780 / par une societe de gens de lettres.
Mis en ordre et publ. par M.Doderot et quant a la partie matematique par M.d'Alembert. H.Fischer Erlangen 1996
AM127 .K47 1991 Kesner, Christine Wilson.
The current state of museum exhibition lighting [microform]. UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1991
B53 .T76 2003A Troeltsch, Ernst,
Der historische Entwicklungsbegriff in der modernen Geistes- und Lebens-philosophie [microform] : II. Die Marburger Schule, die südwestdeutsche Schule, Simmel.
Staats- und Universitats Bibli Hamburg 2003
B105.A35 C43 1992 Chan, David Kum-Wah.
The nature of action [microform]: a causal account.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1992
B105.M4 Y35 1993 Yalowitz, Steven Cantor.
Meaning and understanding [microform]: epistemology in semantics.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
B105.R4 I99 1993 zzo, Gregory John.
Incorporating defeasible reasoning into an implementation of discourse representation theory [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
B398.M3 B35 1992 Balaguer, Mark Augustan.
Knowledge of mathematical objects [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
B804 .Q54 1992 Quigley, Timothy R.
Redefining the past [microform]: revisionist histories and the concept
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
B840 .A49 1991 Alward, Peter Wallace.
The cluster theory, indirect reference, and rigid desigration [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1991
B945.B564 W35 1992 Walsh, F. Michael.
Blanshard on truth and necessity [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
B945.D44 B87 1992 Burke, Frank Thomas.
Propositions and judgments in Dewey's "Logic" [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
B945.D384 D53 1993 Dickey, Kenneth Andrew.
Meaning and explanation [microform]: Davidson on metaphor and malaprop
UMI AnnArbor, MI 1993
B945.J24 C67 1994 Cormier, Harvey Jerome.
William James's reconception of truth [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
B945.P44 I45 1993 Iliff, Alan James
Charles S. Peirce's contributions to mathematical logic and philosophy[microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
B945.Q54 C48 1992 Chakraborty, Nirmalya N. 0315810718
An inquiry into meaning (in the light of W.V.Quine and D.Davidson) [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
B1618.A84 J64 1991 Johnston, David.
J.L. Austin on truth and meaning [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
B2598 .W47 1992 Werther, David Allan.
Necessity, contingency, and certainty [microform]: the cartesian consequences of Leibniz's modal views.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
B2949.A4 T75 1991 Tsakiridou, Cornelia.
The death of form [microform]: artistic being and artistic culture in Hegel.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1991
B3213.B83 I29 1992 Winright, Elaine Robinson
Martin Buber's I and Thou as model for relationship between artists an visual artwork [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1992
B3245.F24 F75 1991 Friend, Michele.
The possibility of Frege's logicism [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
B3245.F24 K46 1993 Kemp, Gary Neville,
Frege's philosophy of logic [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
B3245.F24 R44 1993 Rhee, Jungshin Suh.
Toward a new theory of Fregean Sense [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
B3313.G42 M35 1991 Malschick, Debra.
Proteaceous. (Original artwork) [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
B3376.W564 C65 1992 Colby, Mark Andrew.
Meta-philosophical investigations [microform]: paradoxes of Wittgenstein's meta-discourse on language, truth, and philosophy.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
B3376.W564 U67 1992 Upper, John.
Wittgenstein and Peirce [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
B3376.W564 Y39 1991 Yaworski, Peter. 0315770163
Wittgenstein vs. science on language and perception [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
BC171 .C48 1993 Chapuis, Andre.
Circularity, truth, and the liar paradox [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
BC199.C56 D67 1993 Doring, Frank Erich.
An epistemic theory of conditionals [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
BC199.I4 R39 1993 Ray, Greg
Modal identities and de re necessity [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
BC199.M6 A66 1991 Apostoli, Peter.
An essay in natural modal logic [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
BC199.N4 H37 1993 Hass, Marjorie.
Interpreting negation [microform]: a semantic theory of negation for standard and non-standard logics
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
BC199.V4 F67 1992 Forster, Ann Owens.
Verificationism reconsidered [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
BC199.V34 T37 1992 Tappenden, Jamie Peter.
Vagueness and truth [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
BD161 .B56 1993 Bjordal, Frode,
A theory of knowledge [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
BD161 .H37 1993 Hardcastle, Gary Lockwood
True belief and other topics in naturalized epistemology [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
BD171 .B65 1993 Bolton, Cynthia Jayne.
Necessary a posteriori truth [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
BF173.F85 A53 1994 Anderson, David M.
Freudian anthropology and political theory [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
BF408 .S57 1991 Shreve, Elizabeth Gore.
The psychology of the self creative arrest [microform]: life stories of six women artist
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
BF701 .E93 1991 Evans, Pamela Kay.
Hue discrimination as related to eye color and color education [microform]: an exploratory study
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
BF1571 .J64 1991 Johnson, Lynn Cecile. 0315751541
Understanding contemporary witchcraft [microform]: aspects of history, structure, and cosmology
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1991
BH39 .L47 1992 Leptak, Jeffrey Lynn.
A critical ethnographic study of a community's aesthetic values [microform)
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1992
BH201 .T74 1991 Trembath, Paul.
The limits of critical culture and the possibility of local aesthetics [microform]: a study of postmodern rhetoric, contemporary theory, and conceptual art.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1991
BJ1461 .O26 1993 O'Connor, Timothy William
Some puzzles about free agency. [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
BL820.P5 K26 1983 Keen, J. M.
Perseus and Pygmalion legends in later 19th-century literature and art, with special reference the influence of Ovid's Metamorphoses [microform] /J.M.Keen.
BL-Document Supply Centre Boston Spa, Wet 1983
BL2525 .G55 1994 Gilbert-Hamerling, Geoffr
Exitus acta probat [microform]: George Washington and the American civil religion.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
BP43.E32 L44 1993 Lee-Hui, Lilian Lay-Ean.
The impact of Muslim women on the religious education of their children in Egypt [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
BP64.M6 C53 1992 Clark, Craig Anthony. 0315814926
Mediation, resistance and leadership [microform]: religious authorities and political process in Morocco
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
BP189 .N48 1993 Nettles Leavitt, Isolde B
Ecstatic religious expression within Islam [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
BP190.5.C6 H78 1994 Hsu, Shiu-Sian Angel.
Dress in Islam [microform]: looking and touching in Hanafi Fiqh.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
BR856.35 .C65 1994 Cole, Jeffrey Thomas.
Religion in Eastern Germany [microform]: spiritual force or anachronism.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
REF/BS1700 .D46 1987 Denis, Albert-Marie.
Concordance Grecque des pseudepigraphes d'ancien testament: concordance corpus des textes indices/ A.-M.Denis;avec la collaboration d'Y.Janssens et le concours du CETEDOC.
Universite Catholique de Louva [Brill, Leiden] 1987
BV467 .M36 1981 Mantziou, M.
Hymns and hymnal prayers in fifth century Greek tragedy with special reference to Euripides [microform]/ M.Mantziou.
University of London [London] 1981
BX177.2 .P35 1990 Palmer, Andrew. 0521360269
Monk and mason on the Tigris frontier : the early history of Tur 'Abdin / Andrew Palmer
Cambridge University Press Cambridge [Engl 1990
CC79.5.P6 J78 1986 Jones, R.E. 0904887014
Greek and Cypriot pottery : a review of scientific studies / R.E.Jones; with contributions by J.Boardman...[et al].
British School at Athens Athens 1986
CC135 .G812 1988 Greenfield, Jeanette. 0521333199
The Return of cultural treasures / Jeanette Greenfield
Cambridhge University Press Cambridge; New 1988
REF/CD3208.C47 C473 1987 Bailey, Robert E.
Chicago City Council proceedings files, 1833-1871 [microform] : an index / Robert E. Bailey, Elaine Shemoney Evans.
Illinois State Archives Springfield, Il 1987
CS456 .B38 1980 Bartrum, Peter Clement.
Welsh genealogies, A.D. 300-1400 [microform]
University of Wales Press [Cardiff, Wales 1980
CT275.M734 W65 1990 Wojtowicz, Robert.
The Lewis Mumford decades [microform]: studies in architectural history, criticism, and urbanism, 1922-1962
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
D1060 .D63 1985 Lipgens, Walter. 3110097249
Documents on the history of European integration / edited by Walter Lipgens De Gruyter Berlin; New York 1985
DA147.B3 C86 1985 Cunliffe, Barry W. 0947816070
The Temple of Sulis Minerva at Bath / Barry Cunliffe and Peter Davenport; with contributions from Verna Care ... [at al.].
Oxford University Committee fo Oxford 1985
DA150 .A75 1994B Pulsiano, Phillip,
Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in microfiche facsimile [microform].
Medieval & Renaissance Texts & [Binghamton, N. 1994
DA185 .C66 1993 Conrad, Susan Margaret.
The household structure of the medieval castle and the organization of space [microform]: from the eleventh through fourteenth centuries.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
DA588 .D63 1991 Pelly, M. E. 0115916873
Documents on British policy overseas [microform].
H.M.S.O. London 1991
REF/DA670.H8 C68 1990 DeWindt, Edwin Brezette. 0888443668
The Court rolls of Ramsey, Hepmangrove, and Bury, 1268-1600 / edited and translated by Edwin Brezette DeWindt.
Pontifical Institute of Mediae Toronto, Ont., 1990
DA690.C7 C65 1984 Crummy, Philip. 0950372749
Excavations at Lion Walk, Balkerne Lane and Middleborough, Colchester, Essex / Philip Crummy; with contributions from Howard Brooks... [et al.] ; principal illustrators: R.H. Moyes, L.P. Edwards, and T.W.
Cook Colchester Archaeological Trus Colcheter 1984
DA690.C7 C78 1983 Crummy, Nina. 0950372730
The Roman small finds from excavations in Colchester, 1971-9 / Nina Crummy ; with contributions from D.G. Buckley ... [et al.] ; principal illustrators, R.H. Moyes and T.W. Cook. --
Colchester Archaeological Trus Colchester 1983
REF/DA714 .J59 1989 Jones, Philip Henry. 0708310370
A bibliography of the history of Wales [microform] : compiled for the History and Law Committee of the University of Wales Board of Celtic Studies / by Philip Henry Jones. Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru Cardiff 1989
DC141 .F74 French Revolution [microform]: sources on microfiche.
IDC Leiden
DC256 .K76 1993 Kroen, Sheryl Tracy.
The cultural politics of revolution and counterrevolution in France, 1815-1830 [micrroform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
DC801.B72 A33 1993 Adams, Christine Marie.
Bourgeois identity in early modern France [microform]: a professional family in eighteenth century Bordeaux
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
DD120.T8 A43 1980 Al-Amir, Yakthan Sadoun.
British reaction to Germany's Ottoman policy, 1870-1885 [microform]: a study of the Ottoman policies pursued by British and Germany governments and their political and commercial consequences during the period, 1870-1885.
The British Library Document S W.Yorks 1980
DD247.B58 G59 1992 Giziowski, Richard John.
The moral dilemmas of leadership [microform]: the case of German General Johannes Blaskowitz
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1992
DE86 .K69 1993 Kozaitis, Kathryn Athanas
Conscious adaptation [microform]: change in perpetuity among the Roma of Athens, Greece
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
DF208 .G75 1998 Schmuck, Hilmar. 3598341806
Griechisches Biographisches Archiv [microform] = Greek biographical archive : (GBA) / editor, Hilmar Schmuck
Saur München 1998
DF221.M9 T68 1995 Tournavitou, Iphiyenia. 090488712X
The `ivory houses' at Mycenae / by Iphiyenia Tournavitou
British School at Athens London 1995
DF221.M9 W45 1981 Taylour, William, 0856681962
Well built Mycenae : the Helleno-British excavations within the citadel at Mycenae, 1959-1969 / edited by W.D. Taylour, E.B. French, K.A. Wardle.
Aris & Phillips Warminister, En 1981
DF221 .S56 1994B Skon-Jedele, Nancy Joan.
"Aigyptiaka" [microform]: a catalogue of Egyptian and Egyptianizing objects excavated from Greek archaeological sites, ca.1100-525 B.C., with historical commentary.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
DG867.2 .J65 1982 Johns, J.
The muslims of Norman Sicily, c. 1060-c. 1194 [microform]
Oxford University Oxford 1982
DK511.C1 P76 1996 Bondarevsky, G.L. 1852079754
Proceedings of the Caucasian Archaeographical Commission, 1866-1904 [microform].
Archive Editions Slough 1996
DK511.G4 D44 Defter-i mufassal-i vilayet-i Gürcistan [microform]/ Türkçe metni tedkik ve tahşiye eden, S. Djikiya
Harrassowitz Microfiche Wiesbaden 199?
DK4200 .M68 1874 Monumenta medii aevi historica res gestas Poloniae illustrantia [microform)
Sumptibus Academiae Literarum Cracoviae 1874
DK4290 .A38 1878 Acta historica res gestas Poloniae illustrantia ab anno 1507 usque ad ad annum 1795 [microform].
Sumptibus Academiae Litterarum Cracoviae 1878
DP92 .R68 1991 Rouillard, Pierre.
Les Grecs et la peninsule iberique du VIIIe au IVe siecle avant Jesus-Christ / Pierre Rouillard
Universite de Bordeaux III ;Di Talence, France 1991
DQ851.A795 R88 1991 Rutti,Beat 3715100133
Die romischen aus Augst und Kaiseraugst.
Romermuseum Augst Muttenz 1991
DR403 .E2 1987 Early Western books, 1500-1599 : [microform] : the Ottoman Empire and the Mediterranean.
IDC Leiden, Netherl 1987
DR438 .T86 1999 Sauer, Jutta. 3598342845
Türkisches Biographisches Archiv (TBA) [microform] = Turkish biographical archive / editor, Jutta Sauer
K.G. Saur Verlag München 1999
DR966 .G39 1980 Gawrych, George Walter.
Ottoman administration and the Albanians, 1908-1913 [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1980
DR2119.3 .P46 1993 Penezic, Vida.
Belgrade city center, or [microform]: some aspects of the transnational in culture
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
DS33.4.G7 B75 1980 VOL.1 Tuson, Penelope.
British policy in Asia [microform]: India Office memoranda. Vol.1: The Middle East, 1856-1947/ Ed. by P.Tuson
Mansell London 1980
DS33.4.G7 B75 1980 VOL.2 Farrington, Anthony.
British policy in Asia [microform] :India Office memoranda. Vol.2 :Tibet, Burma and Indo-China, 1862-1940/ Ed. by A. Farrington.
Mansell London 1980
DS37.2 .A73 Kramme, U 3598338953
Arab-Islamic biographical archive (AIBA) [microform]= Arabisch-Islamisches Biographisches Archiv/ Comp.by U.Kramme, Z.Urra Muena.
K.G.Saur München
DS42 .W4772 1995 Western books [microform] : the Middle East from the rise of Islam.
Research Publications Woodbridge, Con 1995
DS70.5.K5 F55 1978 Moorey, P. R. S. 0198131917
Kish excavations, 1923-1933 : with a microfiche catalogue of the objects in Oxford excavated by the Oxford-Field Museum, Chicago, Expedition to Kish in Iraq, 1923-1933 / by P. R. S. Moorey.
Clarendon Press ;Oxford Univer Oxford :New Yor 1978
DS73.7 .N46 1988 Parpola, Simo. 9515700337
Neo-Assyrian treaties and loyalty oaths / edited by Simo Parpola and Kazuko Watanabe ; illustrations edited by Julian Reade.
Helsinki University Press [Helsinki, Finl 1988
DS79.9 .M37 1988 Martin,Harriet P 0907695027
Fara: a reconstruction of the Ancient Mesopotamian City of Shuruppak.
Chris Martin Birmingham,UK 1988
DS99.T45 R43 1992 Durand, J.-M.
Recherches en Haute Mesopotamie, Tell Mohammed Diyab, campagnes 1990 et 1991 / sous la direction de Jean-Marie Durand.
Societe pour l'etude du Proche Paris 1992
DS113.2 .W55 1993 Willis, Aaron Phillip.
Sephardic Torah Guardians [microform]: ritual and the politics of piety.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1993
DS113.5.F34 L45 1994 Leitman, Eva Marion.
Ethiopian immigrant women [microform]: transition to a new Israeli identity? (Volumes I and II).
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
DS119.7 .T67 1994 Torstrick, Rebecca Lee.
Raising and rupturing boundaries [microform]: the politics of identity in Acre, Israel
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
DS153.55.B43 S57 1993 Shryock, Andrew Joseph.
History and historiography among the Belqa tribes of Jordan [microform)
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1993
DS154.9.B32 E97 1989 Lapp, Paul W. 093146451X
Bab edh-Dhra` : excavations in the cemetery directed by Paul W. Lapp (1965-67) / by R. Thomas Schaub and Walter E. Rast ; with contributions by Wilton Marion Krogman ... [et al.].
Published for the American Sch Winona Lake, In 1989
DS156.S3 R38 1990 Ratte, Christopher John.
Lydian masonry and monumental architecture at Sardis [microform].
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1990
DS195 .D48 1999 Lepsius, Johannes, 3598344104
Deutschland, Armenien und die Türkei 1895-1925. [microform] / zusammengestellt und bearbeitet von Hermann Goltz und Axel Meissner unter Mitarbeit von Ute Blaar, Jana Büttner und Leonore Kratzsch].
K.G. Saur München 1999
DS262.P4 P47 Schneifer, Ursula, 0226694933
Persepolis and ancient Iran / compiled by Ursula Schneider
University of Chicago Press Chicago 1976
DS269.K3 S55 1994 Shiva, Manouchehr.
Tribe, ethnic group and nation in Southern Iran [microform]: the Qashqa'i of Fars
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
DS354.58 .T37 1979 Tapper, Nancy Star Self.
Marriage and social organization among Durrani Pashtuns in Northern Afghanistan [microform].
The British Library Document S West Yorkshire, 1979
DS821 .S27 1991 Saper, Craig Jonathan.
Tourism and invention [microform]: Roland Barthes's "Empire of Signs".
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1991
DT70 .L87 1994 Lustig, Judith.
Ideologies of social relations in Middle Kingdom Egypt [microform]: gender, kinship, ancestors.
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1994
DT476.2 .N832 1976 Nordman, C. R.
Prelude to decolonisation in West Africa [microform]: the development of British colonial policy, 1938-1947/ C.R. Nordman.
University of Oxford [Oxford] 1976