Mikrofilm E-Z Alfabetik Liste

E183.8.T8 U5 1958 Despatches from United States consuls in Constantinople, 1820-1906
National Archives and Records Washington 1958
Volumes/Copies: 1-24
E183.8.T8 U53 1943 Despatches from United States ministers to Turkey, 1818-1906
National Archives Washington 1943
E183.8.T8 U55 1958 Despatches from United States consuls in Smyrna, 1802-1906 [microform]
The National Archives, Nationa Washington 1958
Volumes/Copies: 1-15
E660 .R7 1967 Roosevelt, Theodore,
Theodore Roosevelt papers [microform] : series 3A, vol. 1-198, Apr. 11, 1894-Feb. 5, 1919 ; series B, Apr. 23, 1888-Mar. 31, 1903.
Library of Congress Photodupli Washington 1967
Volumes/Copies: 1-51
E835 .P36 1986 Dulles, John Foster, 0890938911
The papers of John Foster Dulles and of Christian A. Herter, 1953-1961.The White house correspondence and memoranda series [microform] / edited and compiled by Robert E. Lester.
University Publications of Ame Frederick, Md. 1986
Volumes/Copies: 1-10
E835 .P74 1990 Lester, Robert. 1556551657
President Dwight D. Eisenhower's office files, 1953-1961 [microform]
University Publications of Ame Bethesda, MD 1990
Volumes/Copies: 1-68
GN661.M2 E23 1976 Edholm, F. E.
Kinship and social change among the Antaisaka of coastal South East Madagascar
University of London [London] 1976
HC241.25.A35 C834 1976 Cosgrove, C. A.
The European Economic Community and the African Associates [microform]
University of London [London] 1976
HC470.3 .S623 1977 Sit, Victor Fung-Shuen.
Factories in domestic premises [microform]
University of London [London] 1977
HC493.B87 E73 1976 Erder, Leila Thayer,
The making of industrial Bursa [microform]
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1976
HC1000 .M559 1976 Meredith, D. G.
The British goverment and colonial economic development, with particular reference to British West Africa, 1919-1939 [microform] / D.G.
University of Exeter [Exeter] 1976
HC1000 .O59 1977 Onwuka, Ralph I.
Development and integration in west Africa [microform]
London University Press [London] 1977
HD846.5 .G68 1973 Gould, Andrew Gordon,
Pashas and brigands [microform]
UMI Ann Arbor, MI. 1973
HD6059.S72 W398 1978 Weerakoon, W. T.
Job Satisfaction and labour turnover among women workers in Sri Lanka
Brunel University [Uxbridge, Midd 1978
HF3505 .P76 1880A Pyer, A.L.
Protective duties [microform]
The British Library London 199?
HN787.Z9 H868 1977 Hoyle, S. G.
The settlement of nomands in the Sudan [microform]
University of London [London] 1977
HQ764.S3 S35 1994 Sanger, Margaret, 1556555296
The Margaret Sanger papers [microform]
University Publications of Ame Bethesda, MD 1994
Volumes/Copies: 1-84
HQ764.S3 S353 1976 Sanger, Margaret,
The papers of Margaret Sanger [microform].
Library of Congress Photodupli [Washington, D. 1976
Volumes/Copies: 1-145
HQ764.S3 S354 1996 Sanger, Margaret, 1556556357
The Margaret Sanger papers [microform]
University Publications of Ame Bethesda, MD 1996
Volumes/Copies: 1-19
HQ796 .H255 1907AA Hall, G. Stanley
Adolescence [microform]
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 2004
HQ823 .E71 1979 Eroglu, S.
Divorce according to the Qur'an [microform]
Exeter University Exeter 1979
HQ1101 .B69 1802A Bowles, John,
Remarks on modern female manners [microform]
British Library London 199?
HT1091 .T49 1831A Thomson, Andrew,
Review of Dr. H. Duncan's letters on the West India question [microform]
The British Library London 199?
HT1091 .W56 1827A Winn, T. S.
Supplement to A Speedy end to slavery [microform]
The British Library London 199?
HV40.32.A33 J36 1984 Addams, Jane,
The Jane Addams papers, 1860-1960 [microform]
UMI Ann Arbor, Mich 1984
Volumes/Copies: 1-83
HV91 .S97 1985 Klaassen, David. 0890935238
The Survey Associates records [microform].
University Publications of Ame Frederick, Md. 1985
Volumes/Copies: 1-84
HV97 .L31 1998 The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial collection. [microform].
Scholarly Resources Wilmington, Del 1998
Volumes/Copies: 1-90
HV99.N6 B853 1979 The Bureau of Social Hygiene project and research files [1918-1940]
Scholarly Resources Wilmington, Del 1979
Volumes/Copies: 1-32
HV245 .K46 1849A Kennedy, John Pitt.
A railway caution! Or exposition of changes required in the law and practice of the British Empire
The British Library London 199?
HV6795.N5 C66 1998 0842041788
Committee of Fifteen records, 1900-1901 [microform].
Scholarly Resources, Inc. Wilmington, DE 1998
Volumes/Copies: 1-18
JC571 .O8 1796A Bisset, Robert,
Origin of duty and right in man, considered [microform]
The British Library London 199?
JN539 .B69 1807A Bowles, John B.
Strictures on the motions made in the last parliament [microform]
The British Library London 1997
JN539 .B691 1804A Bowles, John B.
The Salutary effect of vigour [microform]
The British Library London 1997
JN539 .T48 1797A A Third letter to a British Merchant [microform].
The British Library London 1999
JN539 .T96 1796A Two letters, addressed to a British Merchant [microform]
The British Library London 1997
K376 .S73 1970 Starr, June Oettinger. Mandalci koy law and social control in a Turkish village [microform]. California Univ. Berkeley 1970
KD8295.C5 E65 1985 Justice and authority in England [microform] Research Publications Woodbridge, Con 1985 Volumes/Copies:1-61+3Index Book
KJV270 .F73 Lauriere, Eusebe Jacob de
Ordonnances des roys de France de la troisieme race, recueillies par ordre chronologique
Bibliotheque Nationale de Fran Paris
Volumes/Copies: 1-23
LF2165 .A2 1889A Denifle, Heinrich,
Chartularium Universitatis Parisiensis [microform]
The British Library London 199?
ML3060 .C753 1972 Conomos, Dimitri E.
Byzantine Trisagia and Cheroubika in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries
Oxford University Oxford 1972
MT1 .P346 1970 Paynter, J. F.
Creative music in the classroom [microform]
York University York 1970
N72.T4 R813 1976 Rosenberg, M. J.,
An outline theory of art on cybernetic principles [microform]
Brunel University Uxbridge, Middl 1976
NA4670 .K52 1976 King, G. R. D.
The origins and sources of the Umayyad mosaics in the great mosque of Damascus
London University London 1976
ND3399.N5 N59 Nizami Ganjavi,
Terceme-i Hamse-i Nizami [microform].
Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi Kütüphan [İstanbul]
PA6050 .S936 1977 Sturt, N. J. H.
Tradition and innovation in the silver Latin epic simile
University of London [London] 1977
PA6411 .L484 1970 Leedham-Green, E. S.
The cult of the Horation ode in the nineteenth century [microform]
University of Oxford [oxford] 1970
PL180 .S35 Salih Çelebi Celal-zade.
Münşeat [microform].
Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi İstanbul
PL232 .P47 1991A Halim, Mehmet.
Perakende [microform]
Princeton University Princeton, N.J. 1991
PL234 .C66 Cönk [microform].
Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi İstanbul
PL234 .M41 Mecmua [microform].
Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi [İstanbul]
PL234 .M42 Mecmua [microform].
Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi [İstanbul]
PL234 .M43 Mecmua [microform].
Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi [İstanbul]
PL234 .M44 Mecmua [microform].
Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi [İstanbul]
PL234 .M45 Mecmua [microform].
Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi [İstanbul]
PL234 .M456 Mecmua [microform].
Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi [İstanbul]
PL234.P478 P47 Pervane Bey.
Pervane Bey mecmuası [microform].
Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi Kutüphan [İstanbul]
PL239.M475 M86 Mesihi, Münşeat [microform].
Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi İstanbul
PL244 .M45 Selanikli Mehmed Tevfik,
Mecmua-i Letaif [microform]
Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi Kütüphan [İstanbul]
PL245 .I77 Işkname [microform].
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Berlin
PL248.N46 M47 Nergisi, Mehmet,
Meşakü'l-uşşak [microform].
Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi Kütüphan İstanbul
PN5279.K283 A6 1993 Aqmulia, 1911-1916 [microform].
Norman Ross Pub. New York, N.Y. 1993
PN5279.K283 A9 1993 Ay qap, 1911-1915 [microform].
Norman Pub. New York, N.Y. 1993
Volumes/Copies: 1-3
PN5279.K283 A36 1993 Akmolinskiie oblastnye vedomosti, 1871-1919 [microform].
Norman Ross Pub. New York, N.Y.
1993 Volumes/Copies: 1-42
PN5279.K283 D26 1993 Dala vilayeti, 1888-1902 [microform].
Norman Ross Pub. New York, N.Y. 1993
Volumes/Copies: 1-6
PN5279.K283 Q2 1993 Qazaq, 1913-1917 [microform].
Norman Ross Pub. New York,N.Y. 1993
Volumes/Copies: 1-2
PR421.E23 Early English Books, 1475-1640 (mikrofilm)
Reel 1-299, 310-1126, 1128-1329, 1331-1337 (1327 copies)
PR431.E24 Early English Books, 1641-1700 (mikrofilm)
Reel 1-270, 300-443 (414 copies)
PR441 .E42 1985 Eighteenth century sources for the study of English literature and cul a collection of works relevant to the literary, artistic and cultural milieu of eighteenth century England [microform].
Micrographics II Charlottesville 1985
Volumes/Copies: Reel 1-13650 (Unit 1-390)
PR4708.G2 Z48 1995A Galt, John,
The literary correspondence [microform]
National Library of Scotland Edinburgh 1995
QA326 .O99 1985 Ouzomgi, Samir.
Factorization in topological algebras [microform].
Microform (Wakefield) West Yorkshire, 1985
QA927 .N56 1982 Nimmo, J.J.C.
Backlund Transformations for certain classes of nonlinear wave equations (microform)
West Yorkshire, England: Microform, 1982?
TR820.5 .S87 1978 Stryker, Roy Emerson,
Roy Stryker papers [microform] :
1912-1972. Distribution by Chadwyck-Heale Teaneck, N.J. 1978
Volumes/Copies: 1-16
WA300 .W8715 1974 Women and/in health [microform]
The Center Berkeley, Calif 1974
Volumes/Copies: 1-15
Z679.5 .S65 1973 Smith, Lester Kay,
A study of the architectural design of six university library buildings
UMI Ann Arbor, MI 1973