Photocopy Centre Fees

Black and White A4   6 Krş  
Black and White A3  15 Krş 
Color A4   50 Krş  
Color A3  1 TL  
Black and White Transparency A4  1 TL  
Color Transparency A4  2 TL TL 
Black and White Printout A4  10 Krş  
Black and White Printout A3   25 Krş  
Black and White Printout Transparency A4   1TL 
Color Printout Transparency A4  2 TL  
Color Printout A4  75 Krş  
Color Printout A3   1,25 TL 
Black and White E-Reserve Printout   6 Krş  
Black and White Reference Printout  10 Krş  
Autocad Printout (m) 80gr  1,90 TL  
Autocad Printout On Tracing Paper  3 TL  
Plotter (180gr) Glossy (m2)  60 TL  
Fax (out of Ankara) (1 page)   3 TL  
Fax (international) (1 page)  5 TL 
Receiving Fax (1 page)  75 Krş  
Copy to CD  3 TL  
Scanning A4-A3 Black and White, Color  75 Krş  
Wire Spiral Binding   4 TL  
Helezon Spiral Binding  3,50 TL 
Copy to DVD  3 TL 
A4 PVC Lamination  4 TL 
A3 PVC Lamination  5 TL 
ID Card PVC Lamination  2,50 TL