Photocopy Centre Fees

Black and White A4   6,5 Krş  
Black and White A3  12 Krş 
Color A4   50 Krş  
Color A3  1 TL  
Black and White Transparency A4  1 TL  
Color Transparency A4  2 TL  
Black and White Printout A4  10 Krş  
Black and White Printout A3   25 Krş  
Black and White Printout Transparency A4   1TL 
Color Printout Transparency A4  2 TL  
Color Printout A4  75 Krş  
Color Printout A3   1,25 TL 
Black and White E-Reserve Printout   7 Krş  
Black and White Reference Printout  10 Krş  
Autocad Printout (m) 80gr  2,20 TL  
Autocad Printout On Tracing Paper  3,50 TL  
Plotter (180gr) Glossy (m2)  60 TL  
Fax (out of Ankara) (1 page)   3 TL  
Fax (international) (1 page)  5 TL 
Receiving Fax (1 page)  1 TL 
Copy to CD  3 TL  
Scanning A4-A3 Black and White, Color  75 Krş  
Wire Spiral Binding   4,5 TL  
Helezon Spiral Binding  4 TL 
Copy to DVD  3 TL 
A4 PVC Lamination  4 TL 
A3 PVC Lamination  5 TL 
ID Card PVC Lamination  2,50 TL